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Airfield, air show, museum

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Alberta Aviation Museum, Canada (J. Wagner)

Aviation Museum Kbely, Czech Republic (J. Wagner)

Castle Air Museum, Atwater, California, U.S.A. (J. Hamernik)

Edmonton Air Show, Canada (J. Wagner, M. Vosahlo)

Imperial War Museum, G.B.

March Field Air Museum, U.S.A. (J. Hamernik)

Palm Springs Air Museum, U.S.A (J. Hamernik)

Planes of Fame Air Museum, U.S.A. (J. Hamernik)

RAF Museum Hendon, G.B.

Reynolds-Alberta Museum, Canada (J. Wagner)

Santa Monica Municipal Airport, U.S.A. (J. Hamernik)

Spruce Goose Museum, U.S.A. (V. Obereigner)

Western Museum of Flight, U.S.A. (J. Hamernik)


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