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Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle

The Albemarle was designed as a light bomber built from non-strategic materials. It was built from wood and steel instead of aluminium alloys, and suitable for construction in dispersed factories. It was a clean aircraft with a tricycle undercarriage. Performance was mediocre, and it was used mainly as glider tug and transport.

General characteristics Albemarle Mk. I

Primary function Bomber
Power plant Two Bristol Hercules XI engines
Thrust 2x 1,590 HP 2x 1,186 kW
Wingspan 77 ft 23.47 m
Length 60 ft 18.26 m
Height 15.6 ft 4.75 m
Weight empty 22,575 lb 10,240 kg
Speed 265 mph 426 km/h
Ceiling 18,000 ft 5,500 m
Range 1,342 mi 2,160 km
Armament 6x7.7mm machine gun, up to 1,360 kg bombs
Crew Six
Date deployed 1941
Number built 602

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