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Blackburn B-26 Botha

Reconnaissance bomber and torpedo aircraft, a twin-engined shoulder-wing aircraft. The Botha was grossly underpowered and had a bad safety record. Its operational career was only five months, but it was used as trainer until 1944, despite a bad reputation.

General characteristics Botha Mk. I
Primary function Reconaissance, torpedo bomber
Power plant Two Bristol Perseus XA radial engines
Thrust 2x 930 HP 2x 694 kW
Wingspan 59 ft 17.98 m
Length 51.1 ft 15.58 m
Height 14.6 ft 4.46 m
Wingarea 158 sq ft 48.12 sq m
Weight empty 11,830 lb 5,366 kg
max. 18,450 lb 8,369 kg
Speed 249 mph 401 km/h
Initial climb rate 984 ft/ min 300 m/min
Ceiling 17,500 ft 5,335 m
Range 1,270 mi 2,044 km
Armament 3x 7.7mm machine gun; 907 kg bomb or 1x torpedo
Crew Four
First flight prototype 28.12.1938
Date deployed July 1939
Number built 580

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