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Avro Lincoln

Heavy bomber developed from the Lancaster, and initially known as the Lancaster B Mk.IV. The Lincoln, bigger and with a longer range, was developed for a British campaign in the far East, but was never used in this role because of the end of WWII. It compared unfavourably with more modern designs like the B-29, but was kept in service until 1963 and saw in combat over Kenya and Malaya. One was shot down on its way to Berlin in 1957.

General characteristics Lincoln B Mk. I
Primary function Heavy bomber
Power plant Four Rolls-Royce Merlin 85 engines
Thrust 4x 1,750 HP 4x 1,305 kW
Speed 319 mph 513 km/h
Ceiling 30,510 ft 9,300 m
Range 3,580 mi 5,760 km
Armament 6x 12.7mm machine gun; 6,350 kg bombs
Crew Seven
Date deployed 1944
Number built 604

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