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Vickers Wellesley

This was the first bomber to apply a geodetic construction. It was a clean monoplane with a very large wingspan; bombs were carried in streamlined boxes under the wings. Two made a non-stop flight of 11,525 km in 48 hours from Ismailia (Egypt) to Darwin (Australia)! The type was obsolete at the outbreak of WWII, but some saw combat in the Mid-East.

General characteristics Wellesley Mk. I
Primary function Multifunctional bomber
Power plant One 9cylinder Bristol Pegasus XX radial engine
Thrust 925 HP 690 kW
Wingspan 74.6 ft 22.73 m
Length 39.2 ft 11.96 m
Height 12.3 ft 3.75 m
Wingarea 630 sq ft 58.53 sq m
Weight empty 6,370 lb 2,889 kg
max. 11,100 lb 5,035 kg
Speed 229 mph 369 km/h
Initial climb rate 1,200 ft/min 366 m/min
Ceiling 33,000 ft 10,060 m
Range 1,110 mi 1,786 km
Armament 2x 7.7mm machine gun; 4x 227 kg bomb
Crew Two
First flight 19.6.1935
Date deployed April 1937
Number built 177

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