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prepared by Jirka Wagner


Miles M.20

Emergency fighter, designed for quick production should the RAF have a shortage of fighters. The M-20 was an all-wood monoplane with fixed landing gear, using many parts of the Master trainer. It was designed and built in only 65 days and had good performance, but the R.A.F. did not need the M.20. Later the M.20 was considered as an expendable shipboard fighter.

General characteristics M.20/4
Primary function Fighter
Power plant One Rolls-Royce Merlin XX engine
Thrust 1,460 HP 1,080 kW
Wingspan 34.6 ft 10.54 m
Length 30.1 ft 9.17 m
Height 12.5 ft 3.81 m
Wingarea 234 sq ft 21.74 sq m
Speed 333 mph 536 km/h
Ceiling 32,810 ft 10,000 m
Range 1,200 mi 1,930 km
Armament 8x 7.7mm machine gun
Crew One
Date deployed 1940
Number built 2

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