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Supermarine Seafire

Naval development of the Spitfire. The Seafire was not the ideal carrier fighter and especially landings were difficult; but its performance compensated for the disadvantages. The Seafire had a short range, but its fast climb and agility made it a very good fleet defense fighter. The last Seafire version Mk 47 was used in the Korean war, and retired in 1952.

General characteristics Seafire Mk. IIC
Primary function Fighter
Power plant One Rolls-Royce Merlin 45 engine
Thrust 1,645 HP 1,227 kW
Wingspan 36.8 ft 11.23 m
Length 29.9 ft 9.12 m
Height 11.4 ft 3.48 m
Wingarea 242 sq ft 22.48 sq m
Speed 333 mph 536 km/h
Ceiling 32,000 ft 9,750 m
Range max. 755 mi 1,215 km
Armament 4x 20mm cannon, 4x 7.7mm machine gun
Crew One
Date deployed 1942

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