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Hawker Sea Fury

The Hawker Sea Fury was designed as a smaller and lighter naval version of the Hawker Tempest. The Sea Fury had folding wings and tail-hook. The Sea Fury FB.11 was a fighter-bomber capable of carrying bombs and rockets under its wings. Most of the 860 Sea Furys built went to the Royal Navy, including 60 Mk.20 two-seat trainer versions.

The Sea Fury was one of the faster piston-engine aircraft built; as a result, some surplus Sea Furies were used successfully for open-class air racing. Others have been restored to original flying condition and are frequently seen at airshows both in Europe and North America.

General characteristics
Primary function Fighter
Power plant One Bristol Centaurus XVIIC two-row 18cylinder radial engine
Thrust 2,480 HP 1,850 kW
Wingspan 38 ft 4 3/4 in 11.7 m
Length 34 ft 8 in 10.6 m
Height 16 ft 1 in 4.9 m
Weight empty 9,240 lb 4,190 kg
max. 12,500 lb 5,670 kg
Speed max. 460 mph 740 km/h
Rate of climb 30,000 ft (9,140 m)/10 min 48 sec
Ceiling 35,800 ft 10,912 m
Range 700 mi 1,127 km
Number built 860

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