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Supermarine Spiteful

Supermarine's last piston-engined fighter, looking much like a Spitfire but completely redesigned, with a straight-tapered laminar-flow wing, a wide-track undercarriage, and better visibility. But it lacked the praised handling characterics of the Spitfire, and had some undesirable ones. Performance was not sufficiently improved to start production, especially with jet fighters already in production.

General characteristics Spiteful Mk.14
Primary function Fighter
Power plant One Rolls-Royce Griffon 69 engine
Wingspan 35 ft 10.67 m
Length 32.9 ft 10.03 m
Height 13.4 ft 4.08 m
Wingarea 210 sq ft 19.51sq m
Weight empty 7,350 lb 3,334 kg
max. 9,950 lb 4,513 kg
Speed 483 mph 777 km/h
Ceiling 42,000 ft 12,800 m
Range 564 mi 908 km
Armament 4x 20mm cannon
Crew One
Date deployed 1945
Number built 18

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