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Hawker Tornado

The Tornado was a parallel design to the Typhoon, with a different engine installation. This troublesome R.R. Vulture engine also caused its abandonment in beginning of 1941. One was converted to test the Bristol Centaurus radial. Four built: two prototypes, one production aircraft, and one prototype with the Centaurus engine.

General characteristics (Centaurus engine)
Primary function Fighter
Power plant One Bristol Centaurus CE.4S radial engine
Thrust 2,210 HP 1,650 kW
Wingspan 41.9 ft 12.77 m
Length 32 ft 9.73 m
Height 14.66 ft 4.47 m
Wingarea 283 sq ft 26.3 sq m
Weight empty 8,040 lb 3,645 kg
max. 10,330 lb 4,685 kg
Speed 402 mph 647 km/h
Ceiling 32,800 ft 10,000 m
Armament 12x 7.7mm machine gun
Crew One
Date deployed 1939
Number built 4 prototypes

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