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Westland Welkin

High altitude fighter. The design of the Welkin was based on the configuration of the Whirlwind, with high-aspect ratio, long-span wings and Merlin engines. The engines and propellors proved to be unreliable, and the wing was too thick, resulting in a low limiting Mach number. Because the high-flying bomber treat never materialized, the 67 Welkins built were kept in storage. Later Westland built a prototype of a two-seat nightfighter version, but the development of the advanced cabin pressurisation system was the only real benefit from this project.

General characteristics Welkin F Mk. I
Primary function Fighter
Power plant Two R.R. Merlin 61
Wingspan 70 ft 21.34 m
Length 41.5 ft 12.65 m
Height 15.3 ft 4.65 m
Wingarea 460 sq ft 42.73 sq m
Weight empty 14,375 lb 6,520 kg
max. 19,775 lb 8,970 kg
Speed 387 mph 623 km/h
Ceiling 44,000 ft 13,410 m
Range 1,491 mi 2,400 km
Armament 4x 20mm cannon
Crew One
Date deployed 1943
Number built 67

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