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Short S-25 Sunderland

Long-range patrol flying boat, based on the pre-WWII series of civil 'Empire' flying boats. The Sunderland was one of the most successful flying boats of WWII. It served with the RAF througout the war, and postwar small numbers were retained until 1959. The Sunderland was reliable and well-armed, but its range was not long enough to cover the Atlantic entirely. The engines were Bristol Pegagus or Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp radials.

General characteristics Sunderland V
Primary function Patrol
Power plant Four Pratt&Whitney R-1830-90B radial engines
Thrust 4x 1,200 HP 4x 895 kW
Wingspan 112.8 ft 34.38 m
Length 85.3 ft 26.00 m
Height 34.5 ft 10.52 m
Wingarea 1,687 sq ft 156.72 sq m
Weight empty 36,900 lb 16,738 kg
max. 65,000 lb 29,484 kg
Speed 213 mph 343 km/h
Ceiling 17,900 ft 5,455 m
Range 2,690 mi 4,330 km
Armament 10x 7.7mm machine gun, 2x 12.7mm machine gun; 2,250 kg bombs
Date deployed 1944
Number built 749

Jirka Wagner


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