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prepared by Jirka Wagner


Supermarine Walrus

Catapult-launched, biplane amphibian with pusher propeller, developed from the Seagull. The Walrus was rather rectangular in outline, and did not show that it was built by the same manufacturer as the Spitfire. It was the standard catapult- launched reconnaissance and SAR (Search And Rescue) aircraft for some time. 740 were built between 1936 and 1944.

General characteristics Walrus Mk. I
Primary function Reconaissance / SAR
Power plant One Bristol Pegasus VI radial engine
Thrust 775 HP 578 kW
Wingspan 45.8 ft 13.97 m
Length 37.2 ft 11.35 m
Height 15.3 ft 4.65 m
Wingarea 610 sq ft 56.67 sq m
Weight empty 4,900 lb 2,223 kg
max. 7,200 lb 3,266 kg
Speed 135 mph 217 km/h
Ceiling 17,090 ft 5,210 m
Range 600 mi 966 km
Armament 2x .303 machine gun; 272 kg bombs
Crew Three
Date deployed 1935
Number built 740

Jirka Wagner


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