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British WWII's transport aircraft

prepared by Jirka Wagner


Airspeed Horsa

Assault glider used in many WWII airborne attacks, including the landing on Sicily and Normandy. The Horsa was a wooden high-wing aircraft, that was used on a large scale in the invasion of Sicily, Normandy and Germany. As well as troops, it could carry a jeep or a 6lb gun - the Mk.II had a hinged nose section. The Horsa was sturdy and manoeuvrable.

General characteristics Horsa Mk. I
Primary function Glider
Power plant None
Wingspan 88 ft 26.8 m
Length 67 ft 20.40 m
Height 19.3 ft 5.90 m
Wingarea 1,103 sq ft 102.5 sq m
Weight empty 8,378 lb 3,800 kg
max. 15,500 lb 7,030 kg
Speed 99 mph 160 km/h
Load 20-25 seats
Crew Two
First flight Prototype September 1941
Date deployed 1942
Number built 3,655

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