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British WWII's transport aircraft

prepared by Jirka Wagner


Avro 685 York

A transport development of the Lancaster, with a bigger fuselage of rectangular cross-section and an additional tailfin. Production during WWII was limited because it was agreed that the US would supply transport aircraft.

General characteristics York Mk. I
Primary function Transport aircraft
Power plant Four Rolls-Royce Merlin 24 engines
Thrust 4x 1,280 HP 4x 955 kW
Speed 290 mph 467 km/h
Ceiling 21,325 ft 6,500 m
Range 3,100 mi 4,990 km
Load 50 - 56 seats
Crew Five
First flight Prototype 1942
Date deployed 1944
Number built 257

Jirka Wagner


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