Heavy tank T-35

Bewaffnung:: 76,2 mm Kanone, 2 x 37 mm Panzerabwehrkanone, 2 x MG
Besatzung: 11
Panzerung (max.): 30 mm
Geschwindigkeit (max.): 30 km/St
Abmessung: 9,72 x 3,2 x 3,43 m
Gewicht: 45,0 ton

The T-35 was a Russian tank designed around the land battleship concept. It had five Independant turrets, a main one armed with a 76.2 mm gun, two with
37 mm guns and coaxial machine gun and the other two with a single machine gun. It carried a crew of eleven and had a top speed of 18 mph and a range
of 153 km. It was fairly lightly armoured, with a maximum armour thickness of 30 mm.

from Kjetil (Crext) Hartvedt - Norway

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