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C-20A/B Gulfstream III

posted by Jiri Wagner

The C-20 Gulfstream III is a twin-engine, turbofan aircraft acquired to fill the airlift mission for high-ranking government and Defense Department officials. From the 89th Airlift Wing, Andrews AFB, Md, seven B-model C-20s fly special air missions.

The C-20 is powered by two Rolls Royce Spey MK511-8 engines. The primary difference between the C-20A and B model is the electrical system and the avionics package.

The C-20 was chosen in June 1983 as the replacement aircraft for the C-140B Jetstar, and three A models were delivered to the 89th Air Wing under a cost-saving accelerated purchase plan. The three C-20As at Andrews Air Force Base were transferred to Ramstein AB, Germany, and all C-140Bs at both locations were phased out of the U.S. Air Force inventory.

General characteristics

Primary function C-20A operational support airlift
C-20B special air missions
Contractor Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
Power plant Two Rolls-Royce Spey MK511-8 turbofan engines
Thrust 2x 11 400 lb 2x 5130 kg
Length 83 ft 2 in 25,2 m
Height 24 ft 6 in 7,4 m
Wingspan 77 ft 10 in 23,6 m
Speed 576 mph 926 km/h
Max. takeoff weight 69 700 lb 31 365 kg
Range 4715 miles 7588 km
Loading capacity 14 passengers
Crew Five
Unit cost $22,2 million
Date deployed 1983
Inventory Active force, 10; ANG, 0; Reserve, 0.


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