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C-21A Learjet

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The C-21A provides cargo and passenger airlift and can transport litters during medical evacuations. The C-21A's turbofan engines are pod-mounted on the sides of the rear fuselage. The swept-back wings have hydraulically actuated, single-slotted flaps. The aircraft has a retractable tricycle landing gear, single steerable nose gear and multiple-disc hydraulic brakes. The C-21A can carry eight passengers and 42 cubic feet (1.26 cubic meters) of cargo. The fuel capacity of the C-21A is 931 gallons (3,537.8 liters) carried in wingtip tanks. The safety and operational capabilities of the C-21A are increased by the autopilot, color weather radar and tactical air navigation (TACAN) system, as well as HF, VHF and UHF radios. Delivery of the C-21A fleet began in April 1984 and was completed in October 1985. Glasco, a subsidiary of Learjet, Inc., provides full contractor logistics support at 16 worldwide locations.  

General characteristics
Primary function Passenger and cargo airlift
Contractor Learjet, Inc.
Power plant Two Garrett TFE-731-2-2B turbofan engines
Thrust 2x 3, 500 lb 2x 1.57 kN.
Length 48 ft 7 in 14.71 m
Height 12 ft 3 in 3.71 m
Max. takeoff weight 18,300 lb 8,235 kg
Wingspan 39 ft 6 in 11.97 m
Range 2,306 miles 3,711 km
Speed 530 mph 853 km/h
Unit cost $2.8 million
Crew Two (pilot and co-pilot)
Date deployed April 1984
Inventory Active forces, 70; ANG, 4; Reserve, 0


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