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Grumman F-14 Tomcat

posted by Jiri Wagner

The F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, variable sweep wing, two-place fighter designed to attack and destroy enemy aircraft at night and in all weather conditions.

The F-14 can track up to 24 targets simultaneously with its advanced weapons control system and attack six with Phoenix AIM-54A missiles while continuing to scan the airspace. Armament also includes a mix of other air intercept missiles, rockets and bombs.

The Grumman F-14, the world's premier air defense fighter, was designed to replace the F-4 Phantom II fighter (phased out in 1986). F-14s provided air cover for the joint strike on Libyan terrorist targets in 1986. The F-14A was introduced in the mid-1970s. The upgraded F-14A+ version, with new General Electric F-110 engines, now widespread throughout the fleet, is more than a match for enemy fighters in close-in, air combat

General characteristic F-14D

Primary function Carrier-based multi-role strike fighter
Contractor Grumman Aerospace Corporation
Power plant Two General Electric F-110-GE-400 augmented turbofan engines with afterburners
Thrust 2x 27,000 lb 2x 120.7 kN
Length 61 ft 9 in 19.10 m
Height 16 ft 4.88 m
Wingspan minimum 64 ft 19.54 m
maximum 38 ft 11.65 m
Wingarea 565 sq ft 52.49 sq m
Weight empty 41,780 lb 18,951 kg
gross 64,093 lb 29,072 kg
max. takeoff 74,350 lb 33,724 kg
Ceiling 53,000 ft 16,150 m
Max. speed 1,242 mph 1,998 km/h
Comat radius 1,240 miles 1,996 km
Crew Two (pilot and radar intercept officer)
Armament Up to 13,000 pounds of AIM-54 Phoenix missile, AIM-7 Sparrow missile, AIM-9 Sidewinder missile, air-to-ground ordnance, and one MK-61A1 Vulcan 20mm cannon
Unit cost $38 million
Date deployed 1971


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