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AGM-119 (Penguin Mk. 3)

The Penguin is a helicopter launched anti-ship missile developed for use on Lamps III helicopters and NATO allies.
The Penguin missile has an indirect flight path to target. It is also operated in "fire-and-forget" mode to allow multiple target aqusition. The Penguin is fired from a launcher or a stage weighin approximately 1100 pounds (500 kilograms)
The Penguin was developed by and for the Norwegian Navy. The original Penguin became operational on Norwegian fast attack boats in 1972.

General characteristics
Primary function Helicopter launched anti-ship missile
Contractor Kongsberg Vapenfrabrikk (Norway)
Weight missile 847 lb 384 kg
warhead 265 lb 120 kg
Length 10 ft 3.05 m
Diameter 11 in 28 cm
Wingspan 3.3 ft 1 m
Guidance system Inertial and infrared terminal
Power plant Solid propellant rocket motor and solid propellant booster
Speed Mach 1.2 1,432 km/h
Range 30 miles 40 km
Warhead Semi armor piercing
Date deployed Fourth quarter 1993

Jirka Wagner


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