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AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missile [ACM]

The ACM is a low-observable, air- launched, strategic missile with significant improvements over the ALCM-B in range, accuracy, and survivability. Armed with a W80 warhead, it is designed to evade air and ground-based defenses in order to strike heavily defended, hardened targets at any location within any potential enemy's territory. The ACM is designed for B-52H external carriage. It entered active duty in 1991.
General characteristics
Primary function Long range strategic nuclear air launched cruise missile
Contractor Hughes Missile System
Length 250 in 6.35 m
Diameter 25.27 in 64 cm
Wingspan 122 in 3.1 m
Weight 2,755 lb 1,250 kg
Warhead nuclear, 200 kT
Guidance inertial
Range 1,865 miles 3,000 km
Inventory Active force - 1,460(?); Air National Guard - 0; Reserve - 0

Jirka Wagner


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