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An American derivative of the Israeli "Popeye" weapon system, the AGM-142 will be manufactured by a joint venture company being established between Lockheed Martin and Rafael, an Israeli firm. AGM-142 is a standoff, air-to-ground, electro-optical guided missile fitted with either a television (TV) or imaging infrared (IIR) seeker. The system also includes an INS and data link pod (DLP). Both components may be carried onboard a variety of IAF and USAF platforms. The missile weighs 3,000 lbs., and it is powered by a single stage solid rocket motor, and armed with either a general purpose 750 lb class blast fragmentation (BF) warhead or an 800 lb penetrating (I-800) warhead. AGM-142 is INS equipped. It is a man-in-the-loop (MITL) system via data link. Missile midcourse guidance is primarily inertial, with waypoint update and target area orientation capability via MITL. Missile terminal (HOME) phase of flight is primarily MITL, with inertial and seeker tracking options also available. AGM-142ís range places it at standoff distances outside Point Defenses.
General characteristics
Contractors Lockheed Martin (USA) and Rafael (Israel)
Weight missile 2,992 lb 1,360 kg
warhead 750 lb 340 kg
Length 15.8 ft   4.82 m
Wingspan ? ?
Guidance Inertial, TV and IIR
Power plant Single stage solid rocket motor
Speed ? ?
Range 48 miles 77.8 km
Warhead 750 lb (340 kg) class blast fragmentation (BF) warhead or 800 lb (360 kg)  penetrating (I-800) warhead.

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