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AGM-45 Shrike

The AGM-45 "Shrike" is the first missile built specifically for the anti-radar mission to be mass produced in the United States. It's sole purpose is to home in on enemy radar emissions and destroy the source. Over 20,000 Shrikes were produced from 1962 onward. The Shirke has several major limitations that reduce its effectiveness. The major limitation is that the Shrike must be pointed towards the desired target radar during launch, and that the radar must continue to radiate, or the Shrike will lose its lock. The Shrike is now being replaced by the much improved AGM-88 HARM.
The Shrike first entered service with the U.S. in 1963.
General characteristics
Contractor Texas Instruments, Sperry Rand/Univac
Weight missile 390 lb 177 kg
warhead 145 lb 66 kg
Length 10 ft 3.05 m
Diameter 8 in 20.3 cm
Wingspan 3 ft 91.5 cm
Guidance Radar-homing 
Power plant Rocketdyne Mk 39 or Aerojet Mk 53 polybutadiene solid-fuel rocket 
Speed Mach 2 2,387 km/h
Range AGM-45A 10 miles 16 km
AGM-45B 28.8 miles 46 km
Warhead conventional high-explosive/fragmentation

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