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AGM-84D Harpoon/AGM-84E SLAM

The AGM-84D Harpoon is an all-weather, over-the-horizon, anti-ship missile system. The AGM-84E SLAM is an infrared Stand-Off  Land Attack Missile used for long range precision strikes. The SLAM-ER (Expanded Response) is an upgrade that is currently in production. SLAM-ER has a greater range (150+ miles), a titanium warhead for increased penetration, and software improvements which allow the pilot to retarget the impact point of the missile during the terminal phase of attack (about the last five miles).
The Harpoon's active radar guidance, warhead design, and low-level, sea-skimming cruise trajectory assure high survivability and effectiveness. The missile is capable of being launched from surface ships, submarines, or (without the booster) from aircraft. The AGM-84D has been adapted for use on Air Force B-52G bombers, which can carry from eight to 12 of the missiles. The AGM-84E uses a Harpoon warhead and an inertial navigation system with GPS.
Originally developed for the Navy to serve as its basic anti-ship missile for fleetwide use, the AGM-84D also has been adapted for use on the Air Force's B-52G bombers. The AGM-84D was first introduced in 1977, and in 1979 an air-launched version was deployed on the Navy's P-3 Orion aircraft. The AGM-84E has been developed for the Navy for land attack use by tactical aircraft.

General characteristics

Primary function Harpoon (AGM, RGM, UGM-84D) Air, surface, or submarine launched anti-surface (anti-ship) cruise missile
SLAM (AGM-84E) Air launched, precision land attack cruise missile
Contractor The Boeing Company
Power plant Teledyne Turbojet and solid propellant booster for surface and submarine launch
Thrust 660 lb 2.93 kN
Length Harpoon air launched 12 ft 7 in 3.79 m
surface and submarine launched 15 ft 4.55 m
SLAM 14 ft 8 in 4,49 m
Weight Harpoon air launched 1,145 lb 519.4 kg
surface and submarine launched 1,385 lb 628.2 kg
SLAM 1,470 lb 666.8 kg
Diameter 13.5 in 34.29 cm
Wingspan with wings 3 ft 91,44 cm
Range 69 miles 111 km
Speed High subsonic
Guidance Harpoon Sea-skimming cruise monitored by radar altimeter, active radar terminal homing.
SLAM Inertial navigation with GPS, infrared terminal guidance, and datalink to controlling aircraft.
Warhead Penetration high-explosive blast 488 lb 221.4 kg
Unit cost $720,000

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