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Douglas F3D (F-l0) Skyknight

Large twin-engine, straight-wing night fighter. The F3D was a heavy aircraft, and the two J34 engines were too weak to give it more than mediocre performance. But it was pleasant to fly and well equipped. The F3D saw combat in Korea, and had a good combat record (f.e. first killer of  MiG-15 in the night). Some were used as ECM aircraft until 1969. 268 built.
General characteristics F-10B
Primary function All-weather, night fighter
Contractor Douglas Aircraft Corp.
Power plant Two Westinghouse J-34-WE-36/36A turbofans
Thrust 2x 3,400 lb 2x 15.1 kN
Wingspan 50 ft 15.24 m
Length 46 ft 6 in 14.17 m
Height 16 ft 4.88 m
Wingarea 400 sq. ft 37.16 sq. m
Weight empty 18,160 lb 8,235 kg
max. 26,850 lb 12,179 kg
Speed max. 600 mph 966 km/h
cruising 350 mph 563 km/h
Rate of climb 4,500 ft/min 1,372 m/min
Ceiling 39,895 ft 12,160 m
Range l,200 miles 1,931 km
Armament 4x 20mm cannon; 4 Sparrow guided missiles.
Crew Two (pilot, radar operator)
Date deployed 1950

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