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McDonnell F2H (F-2) Banshee

The F2H was an enlarged development of the FH Phantom. Like the FH it was a straightforward twin-engine, straight-wing carrier jet fighter. Performance was not very impressive, but if it lacked glamour, it also lacked vices, and the good handling qualities made the F2H popular with its pilots. The F2H-3 was a long-range all-weather development. The Banshee was used as fighter-bomber and reconnaissance aircraft in Korea. 892 built.

General characteristics

Primary function Fighter/bomber
Contractor McDonnell
Type F2H-2
Power plant Two Westinghouse J34-WE-34 turbojets
Thrust 2x 3,250 lb 2x 14.46 kN
Length 40 ft 12.2 m
Height 14 ft 5 in 4.41 m
Wingspan 41 ft 11 in 12.78 m
Wingarea 294 sq. ft 27.31 sq. m
Weight empty 11,146 lb 5,056 kg
max. takeoff 21,000 lb 9,525 kg
Range 1,200 miles 1,930 km
Speed cruising 501 mph 806 km/h
maximum 586 mph 942 km/h
Rate of climb 5,950 ft/min 1,800 m/min
Ceiling 48,500 ft 14,785 m
Crew One
Armament 4x 20mm cannon

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