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Douglas F4D (F-6) Skyray

Delta-winged jet fighter, based on German wartime research. The original Westinghouse J40 engine had to be abandoned because of continuing problems, and this delayed service entry. With the J57 engine, performance was entirely satisfactory. But the F4D was phased out rather quickly in favour of even more advanced designs, also because it was a too highly specialized interceptor. The F4D-2N became the F5D.
421 built.
General characteristics
Primary function Fighter
Power plant One Pratt & Whitney J57-P-8, 8A, or 8B turbofan
Thrust normal 10,200 lb 4627 kg
with afterburner 16,000 lb 7258 kg 
Speed maximum 722 mph 1162 km/h
cruising 520 mph 837 km/h
landing 134 mph 216 km/h
Initial climb rate 18,300 ft/min 5578 m/min
Ceiling 55,000 ft 16 764 m
Range normal 700 miles 1127 km
maximum 1,200 miles 1931 km
Weight  empty 16,024 lb 7268 kg
max. takeoff 27,116 lb 12 300 kg
Wingspan 33 ft 6 in 10,2 m
Length 45 ft 3 in 14,5 m
Height 13 ft 4 m
Wingarea 557 sq ft 51,8 sq m
Armament Four 20mm cannons in wings; on 7 external pods up to 4000 lb (1815 kg) - 6x 7 2.75 in rockets or 4x 19 rockets + two 2,000 lb (900 kg) bombs or + two AIM-9 Sidewinder.

Jirka Wagner


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