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Vought F7U Cutlass

“Gutless Cutlass”, very unusual Vought design for a tailless fighter, with a swept wing and twin fins on the trailing edge near mid-span. The original F7U-1 was very unsatisfactory; after much redesign the F7U-3 entered service. It enjoyed only limited succes and service, and had a bad safety record: over about 25% were lost in accidents in three years of service. 290 built.
General characteristics
Primary function Fighter
Contractor Vought
Power plant Two Westinghouse J46-WE-8A turbojet
Thrust 2x 6,140 lb 2x 2,785 kg
Length 44 ft 3 in 13.49 m
Height 14 ft 7 in 4.44 m
Wingspan 38 ft 8 in 11.79 m
Wingarea 496 sq ft 46.08 sq m
Weight empty 18,210 lb 8,258 kg
takeoff 31,642 lb 14,350 kg
Range 660 miles 1,062 km
Max. speed 680 mph 1,095 km/h
Rate of climb 13,000 ft/min 3,962 m/min
Ceiling 40,000 ft 12,191 m
Crew One

Jirka Wagner


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