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Grumman F-9 (F9F) Panther/Cougar

The (F9F-2 to F9F-5) Panther was a straight-wing jet fighter. The Panther was a straightforward, conventional aircraft, but much attention was given to detail refinement and ease of maintenance. Its performance and handling were below that required for a good fighter, but it did make an excellent fighter-bomber. In that role, it saw combat in Korea. Over 1300 were built.
General characteristics
Power plant One Pratt & Whitney J48-P-4/P-6A turbofan
Thrust 2,834 kg 27.8 kN
Speed maximum 603 mph 970 km/h
cruising 480 mph 770 km/h
Initial climb rate 5,085 ft/min 1,550 m/min
Ceiling 42,650 ft 13,000 m
Range 1,300 miles 2,090 km
Wingspan 38 ft 11.59 m
Length 38.9 ft 11.85 m
Height 12.34 ft 3.76 m
Weight empty 10,140 lb 4,600 kg
max. takeoff 18,740 lb 8,500 kg
Armament 4x 20mm cannon. On external tips up to 1,571 kg bombs or rockets.

The (F9F-6 to -8) Cougar had sweptback wings. Commonality with the Panther was very limited, and only for political reasons the same designation was kept. The Cougar was a good aircraft and was built in large numbers, despite the availability of fighters with a higher performance.
General characteristics
Power plant One Pratt & Whitney J48-P-8 turbofan
Thrust 2,834 kg 27.8 kN
Speed maximum 654 mph 1,052 km/h
cruising 541 mph 870 km/h
Initial climb rate 6,760 ft/min 2,060 m/min
Ceiling 44,620 ft 13,600 m
Range 932 miles 1,500 km
Wingspan 34.5 ft 10.52 m
Length 41.44 ft 12.63 m
Height 12.33 ft 3.76 m
Weight empty 11,244 lb 5,100 kg
max. takeoff 20,944 lb 9,500 kg
Armament 4x 20-mm cannon. On two external tips up to 453 kg bombs or fuel tanks .

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