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Beechcraft A-38 Grizzly

The XA-38 was a powerful twin-engined attack aircraft. It had clean lines and powerful engines, impressive performance and excellent handling. A 75mm T15E1 cannon protruded from the nose. Two fixed machineguns were also in the nose, four more were in two remote-controlled turrets. But when the A-38 was ready there was little need for more attack aircraft, and the B-29 had priority for R-3350 engines. Only two XA-38s were built.
General characteristics XA-38
Primary function Attack aircraft
Power plant Two Wright R-3350-43 engines
Thrust 2x 2,300 HP 2x 1,715 kW
Wingspan 67.3 ft 20.52 m
Length 51.7 ft 15.77 m
Height 15.5 ft 4.72 m
Weight empty 22,455 lb 10,185 kg
max. 35,220 lb 15,975 kg
Speed 376 mph 605 km/h
Ceiling 29,000 ft 8,840 m
Range 1,625 miles 2,615 km
Armament 1x 75mm cannon, 6x 12.7mm machine guns, 1,070 kg bombs
Crew Two
Date deployed 1944
Number built 2

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