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North American XB-28

Twin-engined high-altitude bomber with pressurised cockpits. The XB-28 was very advanced, and much of its technology was used in the B-29. But there was little operational need for it, so it did not enter production.
General characteristics
Primary function High-altitude bomber
Contractor North American Aviation Incorporated
Power plant Two 18-cylinder two-row radial Pratt&Whitney R-2800 "Double Wasp" engines
Thrust 2,000 HP 1,491 kW
Wingspan 72.6 ft 22.14 m
Length 56.4 ft 17.20 m
Height 14 ft 4.27 m
Wingarea 675.87 sq ft 62.79 sq m
Weight empty 25,574 lb 11,600 kg
max. 37,200 lb 16,874 kg
Speed max. 372 mph 599 km/h
cruising 255 mph 410 km/h
Initial climb rate 33.3 ft/s 10,16 m/s
Ceiling 34,610 ft 10,546 m
Range 2,040 miles 3,282 km
Armament Six 12.7mm machine guns, up to 1,814 kg bombs
Crew Five (pilot, copilot, bombardier/navigator, gunner/radiotelegraphist, gunner)
Date deployed 1942
Number built 2 prototypes

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