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Convair B-32 Dominator

The B-32 was designed to compete with the B-29. After the latter was selected by the USAAF, the B-32 was completed as a less sophisticated alternative to the B-29. Cabin pressurisation and remote-controlled turrets were abandoned. Neverthless, it was ready later than the B-29, and only 15 entered combat service. It was a dissapointing aircraft. Note: The XB-32 was initially known as "Terminator" while the B-32 was the "Dominator".
General characteristics
Primary function Strategic long-range bomber
Contractor Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation (Convair)
Power plant Four Wright R-3350-23 Cyclone radial engines
Thrust 2,300 HP 1,715 kW
Wingspan 135 ft 41.15 m
Length 83.1 ft 25.32 m
Height 32.7 ft 9.98 m
Wingarea 1,422 sq ft 132.10 sq m
Weight empty 60,272 lb 27,339 kg
max. 120,000 lb 54,432 kg
Speed 358 mph 576 km/h
Ceiling 35,000 ft 10,670 m
Max. range 3,800 miles 6,115 km
Armament 2x 20mm cannon; 14x 12.7mm machine gun; 9,072 kg bombs
Crew Eight
First flight September 7, 1942
Date deployed November 1944
Number built 118

Jirka Wagner


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