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Brewster SB2A Buccaneer

Dive bomber, developed by Brewster in parallel with the Curtiss SB2C. The two aircraft looked very similar. Handling and production problems caused two years delay, and the USN had no need for a new dive bomber when the SB2A was finally available. Many were used as target tugs, others were scrapped straight from the production line.
General characteristics SB2A-2
Primary function Dive bomber
Contractor Brewster Aircraft Company
Power plant One Wright R-2600-8 radial engine
Thrust 1,700 HP 1,268 kW
Wingspan 47 ft 14.33 m
Length 39 ft 11.94 m
Height 15.4 ft 4.70 m
Wingarea 379 sq ft 35.21 sq m
Weight empty 9,923 lb 4,501 kg
max. 14,288 lb 6,481 kg
Speed 274 mph 441 km/h
Ceiling 24,900 ft 7,590 m
Range 1,672 miles 2,690 km
Armament 2x 12.7mm and 4x 7.62mm machine guns, 450 kg bombs
Crew Two
Date deployed 1940
Number built 1,052

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