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Douglas SB2D

Intended as a successor to the SBD Dauntless, the XSB2D-1 was an unspectacular aircraft. It was large, complicated and heavy, with a R-3350 radial engine, an inverted gull, laminar flow wing, two remote controlled gun turrets, and nosewheel landing gear. Two were built. The USN changed its policy, and the SB2D design was modified to become the single-seat BTD.
General characteristics XSB2D-1
Primary function dive bomber
Power plant One Wright R-3350-14 engine
Thrust 2,200 HP 1,641 kW
Wingspan 44.6 ft 13.60 m
Length 38.5 ft 11.75 m
Height 16.9 ft 5.16 m
Wingarea 375 sq ft 34.84 sq m
Weight empty 12,460 lb 5,651 kg
max. 19,140 lb 8,682 kg
Speed 357 mph 574 km/h
Ceiling 27,395 ft 8,350 m
Armament 6x 12.7mm machine gun, 2x 726 kg bombs
Crew Three
Date deployed 1943
Number built 2

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