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Grumman TBF Avenger

Standard carrier-borne torpedo aircraft and light bomber of WWII and the period after the war. With its fat fuselage and rectangular surfaces the TBF was rather ugly, but it was a sturdy and reliable aircraft of advanced concept. Later models carried radar equipment for the ASW and EAW roles. Many Avengers were TBMs, built by General Motors.
General characteristics TBF-1
Primary function torpedo bomber
Power plant One Wright R-2600-8 engine
Thrust 1,676 HP 1,250 kW
Wingspan 54.2 ft 16.51 m
Length 40 ft 12.20 m
Height 13.7 ft 4.19 m
Wingarea 490 sq ft 45.52 sq m
Weight empty 10,555 lb 4,788 kg
max. 17,364 lb 7,876 kg
Speed 271 mph 436 km/h
Ceiling 22,400 ft 6,830 m
Range 2,532 miles 4,075 km
Armament 3x 12.7mm machine gun, 907 kg torpedo
Crew Three
Date deployed 1942
Number built 9,839

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