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Grumman F8F Bearcat

The supreme radial-engined shipboard fighter design. Was too late for WWII. The F8F, a reaction on the continuous weight and size increases, combined a very powerful engine with an airframe that was small enough to be put on board of escort carriers. However, it had limited armament and short range. Despite the end of the war, 1266 were built. Some saw action with the French airforce in Indochina.
General characteristics F8F-1B
Primary function Fighter
Contractor Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation
Power plant 1x Pratt&Whitney R-2800-34W engine
Thrust 2,100 HP 1,566 kW
Wingspan 35.8 ft 10.92 m
Length 28.25 ft 8.61 m
Height 13.8 ft 4.22 m
Wingarea 244 sq ft 22.67 sq m
Weight empty 7,070 lb 3,207 kg
max. 12,950 lb 5,873 kg
Max. speed 421 mph 678 km/h
Ceiling 38,714 ft 11,800 m
Max. range 1,964 miles 3,160 km
Armament 4x 20mm cannon, 2x 454kg bombs
Crew One
Date deployed 1945
Number built 1,266

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