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Grumman P-50 Skyrocket

USAAF version of F5F. The XP-50 had a nosewheel undercarriage, a longer nose, and supercharged engines. The fuselage was redesigned to have a smoother, shark-like shape. It was better than the XF5F-1, but the XP-50 crashed into the Long Island Sound on 14 May 1941 during a test flight after the right engine's turbo-supercharger exploded. Further development of the aircraft was halted and design continued on the XP-65, an improved version of the XP-50.
General characteristics XP-50
Primary function Fighter
Power plant Two R-1820-67/69 radial engines
Thrust 2x 1,200 HP 895 kW
Wingspan 42 ft 12.80 m
Length 31.9 ft 9.73 m
Height 12 ft 3.66 m
Wingarea 304 sq ft 28.24 sq m
Weight empty 8,308 lb 3,768 kg
max. 13,060 lb 5,924 kg
Speed 424 mph 682 km/h
Range 584 miles 940 km
Armament 2x 20mm cannon, 2x 12.7mm machine guns
Crew One
Date deployed 1941

Jirka Wagner (If you find some photo, send it to me, please)


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