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Northrop P-56 Black Bullet

The XP-56 was developed to specification R-40C, that encouraged the development of unconventional fighters. It was a tailless aircraft of magnesium construction. A setback occured when the original engine was cancelled and had to be replaced by the P&W R-2800. The handling characteristics and performance of the P-56 were unsatisfactory; one was lost and the second was finally declared unairworthy. Important lessons were learnt for the B-35.
General characteristics XP-56
Primary function Fighter
Power plant One Pratt&Whitney R-2800-29 engine
Thrust 2,000 HP 1,491 kW
Wingspan 42.5 ft 12.95 m
Length 27.5 ft 8.38 m
Height 11 ft 3.35 m
Wingarea 305.7 sq ft 28.4 sq m
Weight empty 8,710 lb 3,950 kg
max. 12,155 lb 5,514 kg
Max. speed 417 mph 671 km/h
Ceiling 33,000 ft 10,060 m
Max. range 660 miles 1,062 km
Armament 2x 20mm cannon, 4x 12.7mm machine gun
Crew One
First flight September 30, 1943
Number built 2

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