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McDonnell P-67 Bat

The first aircraft McDonnell designed was a radical and innovatove fighter. The USAAC rejected the design, but encouraged McDonnell to proceed with the relatively more conventional P-67. An aerofoil shape was applied to its entire fuselage and the engine nacelles, with all parts joining smoothly together. The XP-67 did not meet expectations, due in large part to the troublesome engines. The aircraft was destroyed in a fire on 6 September 1944 and the project was canceled before the second aircraft was built.
General characteristics XP-67
Primary function Fighter
Power plant Two Continental XI-1430-17/19 engines
Thrust (planned) 2x 2,072 HP 2x 1,545 kW
Wingspan 55 ft 16.76 m
Length 44.75 ft 13.64 m
Height 15.75 ft 4.80 m
Wingarea 414 sq ft 38.46 sq m
Weight empty 17,760 lb 8,056 kg
max. 25,424 lb 11,532 kg
Max. speed 405 mph 652 km/h
Ceiling 37,400 ft 11,400 m
Max. range 2,386 miles 3,840 km
Armament 6x 37mm cannon
Crew One
Date deployed 1944
Number built 1

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