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Bell XP-77

The XP-77 was an unsuccesful attempt to built an extremely light-weight fighter of non-strategic materials. Performance was far below expectations, partly because the planned supercharged version of the V-770 engine was not available. The completion of the first aircraft took nearly two years by which time the aircraft was no longer needed. However, two aircraft were completed for test purposes in 1944. Finally there was no shortage of aluminium, and better fighters were already in service.
General characteristics XP-77
Primary function Fighter
Power plant One Ranger XV-770-7 engine
Thrust 510 HP 380 kW
Wingspan 27.5 ft 8.39 m
Length 22.9 ft 6.98 m
Height 8.2 ft 2.49 m
Wingarea 100 sq ft 9.29 sq m
Weight empty 2,857 lb 1,296 kg
max. 4,032 lb 1,829 kg
Max. speed 330 mph 531 km/h
Ceiling 30,184 ft 9,200 m
Max. range 550 miles 885 km
Armament 2x 12.7mm machine gun, 1x 148 kg bomb
Crew One
Date deployed 1944
Number built 2

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