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Sikorsky R-6 / HOS-1

Following the success of the fabric-covered R-4 model, Sikorsky developed the type into the R-6. The R-6 retained the earlier machine's rotor and transmission system, but installed them in a streamlined fuselage with a semi-monocoque all-metal tail boom. The engine was replaced a 225 hp. Lycoming O-435 engine, an improvement over the R-4's 180 hp. engine. A total of 228 R-6s were produced, with those used by the U.S. Navy designated HOS-1, and those used by the British designated the Hoverfly II.
General characteristics
Primary function Two-seat observation and rescue helicopter
Powerplant Lycoming O-435
Thrust 225 HP 168 kW
Armament None
Crew Two
Number built 228

Source: David Hanson´s American Aircraft of World War II

Jirka Wagner


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