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Consolidated PB4Y Privateer

The PB4Y-1 was the B-24 Liberator in naval use. The PB4Y-2 Privateer was a development of the late single-tail B-24N Liberator. It could be recognized by its single tail, waist gunner bulges, and different positioning of the oil coolers.
The PB4Y-2 Privateer was designed for a 1943 U.S. Navy contract to develop a naval variation of the B-24 Liberator. It was distinguished from the B-24 by having a new tail unit (with a tall single tail fin and rudder), a lengthened forward fuselage, changes in armament (two Martin dorsal turrets, an Erco nose ball turret and Erco two-gun 'teardrop' blisters on each side of the fuselage), and different engines (which had round instead of oval cowlings). The Privateer survived long after WWII, seeing service in the Korea. A few examples still remain in use today as fire-fighting bombers.
General characteristics PB4Y-2
Primary function Reconaissance
Power plant Four Pratt&Whitney R-1830-94 or Wright R-1860-52 Cyclone radial engines
Thrust 4x 1,350 HP 4x 1,007 kW
Length 74 ft 7 in 22.73 m
Height 30 ft 1 in 9.17 m
Wingspan 110 ft 93.53 m
Wingarea 1,048 sq ft 97.36 sq m
Weight empty 37,485 lb 17,003 kg
max. 65,000 lb 29,483 kg
Speed 237 mph 381 km/h
Ceiling 20,670 ft 6,300 m
Range 2,800 miles 4,500 km
Armament 12x 12.7mm machine gun; up to 5,806 kg bombs
Crew Eleven
Date deployed 1944

Source: David Hanson´s American Aircraft of World War II

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