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Martin PBM Mariner

Patrol and ASW flying boat, of which 1235 were built. The PBM was a big, but compact aircraft, with a gull wing, twin tail fins, and a strongly dihedralled tailplane. Some were delivered to Britain, Argentina, the Netherlands and Australia. The PBM-5A was a post-war amphibious version.
General characteristics PBM-3D
Primary function Reconaissance / ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare)
Power plant Two Wright R-2600-22 engines
Thrust 1,877 HP 1,400 kW
Wingspan 79.8 ft 24.33 m
Height 27.5 ft 8.38 m
Wingarea 1408 sq ft 130.80 sq m
Weight empty 33,175 lb 15,048 kg
max. 58,000 lb 26,308 kg
Speed 199 mph 320 km/h
Ceiling 17,060 ft 5,200 m
Range 2,735 miles 4,400 km
Armament 8x 12.7mm machine gun; 1,800 kg weapons
Crew Nine
Date deployed 1942
Number built 1,235

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