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Consolidated PBY Catalina

The most famous flying boat of WWII. The Catalina carried its big wing on a pylon on top of the fuselage. The PBY had a long range and was very reliable. Its disadvantage was slowness, which made it vulnerable. The PBY-5A and PBY-6A were amphibian versions; all other Catalinas were flying boats. The PBY was also built in the USSR and Canada. Its users included Britain, France, the USSR, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, and Denmark.
General characteristics PBY-5A
Primary function Reconaissance
Power plant Two Pratt&Whitney R-1830-92 engines
Thrust 2x 1,200 HP 2x 895 kW
Wingspan 104 ft 31.70 m
Length 63.9 ft 19.47 m
Height 20.2 ft 6.15 m
Wingarea 1,400 sq ft 130.06 sq m
Weight empty 21,705 lb 9,845 kg
max. 35,420 lb 16,066 kg
Speed 179 mph 288 km/h
Ceiling 14,700 ft 4,480 m
Range 2,545 miles 4,096 km
Armament 2x 12.7mm machine gun, 3x 7.62mm machine gun; 1,814 kg weapons.
Crew Seven
Date deployed 1939

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