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Ballistic Missile Submarines - SSBN

Ballistic Missile Submarines are nuclear-powered submarines armed with long-range strategic missiles.
Strategic deterrence has been the sole mission of the fleet ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) since its inception in 1960. The SSBN provides the nation's most survivable and enduring nuclear strike capability. The Ohio class submarine replaced aging fleet ballistic missile submarines built in the 1960s and is far more capable.
Ohio-class/Trident ballistic missile submarines provide the sea-based "leg" of the triad of U.S. strategic deterrent forces. The 18 Trident SSBNs (each carrying 24 missiles), carry 50 percent of the total U.S. strategic warheads. Although the missiles have no pre-set targets when the submarine goes on patrol, the SSBNs are capable of rapidly targeting their missiles should the need arise, using secure and constant at-sea communications links.
The first eight Ohio class submarines (Tridents) were originally equipped with 24 Trident I C-4 ballistic missiles. Beginning with the ninth Trident submarine, USS Tennessee (SSBN 734), all new ships are equipped with the Trident II D-5 missile system as they are built, and the earlier ships are being retrofitted to Trident II. Trident II can deliver significantly more payload than Trident I C-4 and more accurately.
The Ohio-class submarines are specifically designed for extended deterrent patrols. To decrease the time in port for crew turnover and replenishment, three large logistics hatches are fitted to provide large diameter resupply and repair openings. These hatches allow sailors to rapidly transfer supply pallets, equipment replacement modules and machinery components, significantly reducing the time required for replenishment and maintenance. The class design and modern main concepts allow the submarines to operate for 15+ years between overhauls.
General Characteristics, Ohio Class
Builders General Dynamics Electric Boat Division.
Power Plant One nuclear reactor, one shaft
Length 560 feet 170.69 m
Beam 42 feet 12.80 m
Displacement surfaced 16,764 long tons 17,033 metric tons
submerged 18,750 long tons 19,000 metric tons
Speed 20+ knots 23.02+ mph 37.05+ km/h
Ships USS Ohio (SSBN-726) Naval Submarine Base, Bangor, Washington
USS Michigan (SSBN-727)
USS Florida (SSBN-728)
USS Georgia (SSBN-729)
USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN-730)
USS Alabama (SSBN-731)
USS Alaska (SSBN 732)
USS Nevada (SSBN 733)
USS Tennessee (SSBN-734) Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Georgia
USS Pennsylvania (SSBN-735)
USS West Virginia (SSBN-736)
USS Kentucky (SSBN-737)
USS Maryland (SSBN-738)
USS Nebraska (SSBN-739)
USS Rhode Island (SSBN-740)
USS Maine (SSBN-741)
USS Wyoming (SSBN-742)
USS Louisiana (SSBN-743)
Crew 15 Officers, 140 Enlisted
Armament 24 tubes for Trident I and II, MK-48 torpedoes, four torpedo tubes.
Date Deployed November 11, 1981 (USS Ohio)

(from U.S. Navy - Submarines)

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