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Mark 45 ~ 5-inch, 54-caliber lightweight gun

The 54-caliber (Mk 45) lightweight gun provides surface combatants accurate naval gunfire against fast, highly maneuverable surface targets, air threats and shore targets during amphibious operations.
This lightweight gun system offers significant improvements in reliability and maintainability over the 54-caliber Mk 42 gun systems. The Mk 45 is controlled by either the Mk 86 Gun Fire Control System or the Mk 160 Gun Computing System.

General characteristics

Primary function Fully-automatic, lightweight gun mount
Range 13 naut. miles 24 km
Type of fire 16-20 rounds per minute automatic
Magazine capacity 475-500 rounds per magazine
Caliber 5 in 12.7 cm
Date deployed 1971 (Mark 45)

Jirka Wagner


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