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USS George Washington (CVN 73)

The USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73) is a nuclear powered aircraft carrier built by the Newport News Shipbuilding Company of Newport News, Virginia. The keel was laid on August 25, 1986 and the ship was commissioned on July 4, 1992. Two nuclear reactors are used for propulsion (the ship is capable of steaming more than one million miles before refueling) turning 4 five bladed screws that weigh 66,220 pounds each. The GW can travel at speeds over thirty knots and is 1,094 feet long, 257 feet wide and has a height equal to a twenty-four story building (244 feet). The ship can accommodate approximately 80 aircraft and has a flight deck 4.5 acres in size, using four elevators that are 3,880 square feet each to move planes between the flight deck and the hangar bay.With a combat load, the GW displaces almost 97,000 tons and carries over 6,000 crew members. It can distill 400,000 gallons of water and serves 18,000 meals per day. There are over 2,500 compartments on board requiring 2,520 tons of air conditioning capacity (enough to cool over 2,000 homes). The ship uses two anchors that weigh 30 tons each, with each link of the anchor chain weighing 360 pounds.

General characteristics
Keel laid 25.8.1986
Commissioned 4.6.1992
Power plant Two A4W nuclear reactors
Steam turbine engines Four, General Electric
Speed More than 30 knots 55.6 km/h
Propellers Four, five blades each
Width of propeller 66,220 lb 30,028 kg
Anchors Two
Weight of anchor 66,140 lb 30,000 kg
Weight of anchor chain link 360 lb 163.3 kg
Aircraft elevators Four
Size of elevator 3,880 sq. ft 360.5 sq. m
Catapults Four
Arresting gear cables Four
Aircrafts 80+
Length 1,094 ft 333.5 m
Width 257 ft 78.3 m
Height, keel to mast top 244 ft 74.4 m
Area of flight deck 4.5 acres 18,211 sq. m
Max. displacement About 97,000 tons
Crew About 6,000 (with airwing)
Armament Sea Sparrow guided missiles (3x8 missiles), four antimissile systems Phalanx CIWS

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