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Mil Mi-40

Mil, Russia

Made by Lukáš Visingr

Mock-up of Mi-40

Mi-40 was designed as a descendant of Mi-24 ("flying battle taxi"), but with features of Mi-28. We can say that Mi-40 was an assault version of Mi-28. Mi-40's missions were to transport the infantry squad (up to 10 persons) to battlefield and then support their attack with its firepower. The development started in late 80's, but there are only technical sheets and mock-ups - probably no prototype has been built. The last information about it come from the year 1995, therefore it's considered to be cancelled.
As said above, Mi-40 was based on Mi-28. They had the same engines, rotors, tail, some weapons and electronic systems. Also the three-wheeled non-retractable gear looks very similar, but Mi-40 had one wheel in the front and two wheels at the back (Mi-28 has got inverse configuration). Main rotor was five-bladed, while tail rotor was four-bladed (in fact, there were two coaxial two-bladed rotors in the shape of letter X).
In the front of the fuselage, there was a movable electronic pod with systems for searching and targeting. Some systems were probably situated also in the ball-shaped case on the rotor head. Mi-40 had got two gun turrets (fore and rear), both of them were of NNPU-280 type (30mm 2A42 cannon and two ammo cases, each with 125 rounds). Other weapons were carried on four side pylons. The mentioned weapon systems were S-8 (80mm rockets in 20-barrelled launchers), UPK-23-250 (23mm GSh-23L cannon pod with 250 rounds) and anti-tank guided missiles (technical sheets show four wire-guided 9M17P Skorpion missiles). The pylons also carried dispensers of infrared and radar decoys.

Data of Mi-40

All data are estimated.

Engines: 2x Kilmov TV3-117VM; 2x 1 638 KW 
Fuselage length: 16.5 m 
Main rotor diameter: 17.2 m 
Tail rotor diameter: 3.84 m 
Height: 4.45 m 
Empty weight: 7 675 Kg 
Max. take-off weight: 11 402 Kg 
Max. load: 1 800 Kg 
Max. speed: 290 Kph 
Operational speed: 260 Kph 
Static ceiling: 2 600 m 
Operational ceiling: 5 300 m 
Range: 450 Km 



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