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Convair F-102A Delta Dagger

The primary mission of the F-102 was to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft. It was the world's first supersonic all-weather jet interceptor and the USAF's first operational delta-wing aircraft. The F-102 made its initial flight on Oct. 24, 1953 and became operational with the Air Defense Command in 1956. At the peak of deployment in the late 1950's, F-102s equipped more than 25 ADC squadrons. Convair built 1,000 F-102s, 875 of which were F-102As. The USAF also bought 111 TF-102s as combat trainers with side-by-side seating.
In a wartime situation, after electronic equipment on board the F-102 had located the enemy aircraft, the F-102's radar would guide it into position for attack. At the proper moment, the electronic fire control system would automatically fire the F-102's air-to-air rockets and missiles.
General characteristics
Primary function All-weather interceptor
Contractor Convair
Power plant One Pratt & Whitney J57-P-23 or J57-P-25 turbojet engine
Thrust normal 16,000 lb 71.17 kNx
with afterburner 17,196 lb 17.196 lb)
Wingspan 38.12 ft 11.62 m
Length 68.34 ft 20.83 m
Height 21.36 ft 6.51 m
Max. speed 825 mph 1,327 km/h
Initial climb rate 779,528 ft/s 3,960 m/min
Ceiling 52,500 ft 16,000 m
Max. range 1,350 miles 2,170 km
Weight empty 19,360 lb 8,780 kg;
combat 24,500 lb 11,110 kg;
max.takeoff 31,500 lb 14,290 kg
Fuel tanks internal 1,085 gallons 4,107 lt.
external 2x 755 gallons 2x 2,858 lt.
Armament 24 unguided 2.75 inch rockets and six AIM-4 Falcon guided missiles.

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