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Grumman F11F-l (F-11) Tiger

The F11F (former F9F-9) was a very elegant shipboard fighter from Grumman. It served only a short time with the fleet, because it was overtaken by the rapid developments of that time: the F11F was a pure daylight fighter. The Navy acrobatic team, the 'Blue Angels', flew the F11F for a much longer period. The 'Super Tiger' development with a J79 engine, was promising, but found no customers. Built almost 200 aircraft.
General characteristics
Primary function Daily fighter
Contractor Grumman Aircraft Corp.
Power plant One Wright J65-W-l8 turbojet
Thrust 7,450 lb 33.14 kN
Wingspan 31 ft 7 in 9.6 m
Length 46 ft11 in 14.3 m
Weight empty 14,330 lb 6,500 kg
max. takeoff 24,078 lb 10,922 kg
Speed maximum 750 mph 1,207 km/h
cruising 577 mph 930 km/h
Range 1,275 miles 2,952 km
Ceiling 41,900 ft 12,500 m
Crew One
Armament 4x 20mm cannon; 4x AIM-9 Sidewinder (or two AIM-9 and two ext. tanks)

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